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CaptainBook.gr is the largest electronic bookstore in Greece. It has over 160000 titles, almost everything that is sold in the Greek market.

It's database is always in sync with the publishers, by an automated proccess that every few hours gets all the new books and book changes by the National Book Center of Greece.

Also, the site offers a great community around the books. Everyone can be a member for free to read or write reviews, communicate with other readers, learn news, go to book-related events e.t.c.

We developed it using as basis two open source packages, Zen Cart and WordPress. Of course, the number of custom modules we had to create was huge.

Since it's release, we keep working on it, adding new features all the time, and keeping it up-to-date with all the latest technologies.

Visit the website at: www.captainbook.gr

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Starting a new website from scratch is a difficult thing and obstacles pop up where you wouldn't imagine them. We were really lucky to co-operate since the beginning with Pramnos Ηosting and...

Stathis Soufleris, CaptainBook.gr co-founder

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